MagChain Software available at GitHub

Package contents:

MagChain source code and visualization tools.

Together with the MagChain source code, we also provide two different tools to visualize the trajectory files generated by the MagChain program: The MagChainGLViewer (beta version) written in C++/openGL and the (VPython script).


Main Reference

Please cite "On-the-fly coarse-graining methodology for the simulation of chain formation of superparamagnetic colloids in strong magnetic fields" by Jordi S. Andreu, Carles Calero, Juan Camacho and Jordi Faraudo, Physical Review E 85, 036709, 2012.


This work was supported by the Spanish Government (Ministerio de Ciencia e InnovaciĆ³n) under grants PET2008-02-81-01/02 and INNPACTO IPT-010000-2010-6.