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MagChain® Simulation Software
Description: The MagChain package is the implementation of a Coarse-Grain (CG) simulation model for the description of the chain formation phenomena observed in dispersions of superparamagnetic nanoparticles under high magnetic fields. The main algorithm is based on a Brownian Dynamics scheme for the description of the motion of the colloidal entities (CG objects) together with an irreversible aggregation model based on the magnetic dipole-dipole interaction between particles. Further details on CG model and its implementation can be found in the documentation section.

The MagChain program has been devised for use in academic research within the academic community. Some conditions have been defined for the use, distribution, and modification of the program, which the authors consider fair and within the common fair practices in the academic community. See the attached LICENSE here.

This work has been supported by the Spanish Government grants PET2008-02-81-01/02 and INNPACTO IPT-010000-2010-6.

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Download MagChain® Simulation Software

- Unzip the downloaded file (No installation required).
- Follow the instructions detailed on the readme file.