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Scheme summarizing the self-assembly behavior of superparamagentic colloids under an external magnetic field according to the value of the aggregation parameter N*. Based on the following article: Adv. Funct. Mater. 2016, 26, 3837–3858.

Introduce the variables

Concentration of particles (c):
Density of a particle (ρ):
Temperature of the fluid (T):
Diameter of the particles (d):
Magnetization per unit mass of the particles (Mm):
Magnetization per unit volume of the particles (Mv):


Results (?)

a) No self-assembly. Entropy wins.

b) Equilibrium state consisting of chains of different sizes.

c) Equilibrium state consisting of long chains and bundles of laterally aggregated chains in zipped, out-of registry, configuration.

d) Equilibrium state consisting of bundles of laterally aggregated chains.

Magnetic moment (ms):
Magnetic coupling parameter (Γ):
Volume fraction (Φ):
Aggregation parameter (N*):


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